Stop reinventing the wheel

 Stop Reinventing the Wheel! 
4 Day Bootcamp
Day 3: Wrap your mind around
what you have

Step 1:  Join the live session at 8 pm EST, 5 pm PST,
1 am BST, 10 am AEST (Sydney)
Step 2: Complete the activities 
Step 3: Share your thoughts, comments and ask any questions in the daily thread
Step 4: Day 2 Replay

Step 1: Join me live 

Click here to join me live on ZOOM for an interactive workshop.

Step 2: Day Three Activity 

Complete the activities discussed during the Bootcamp

Step 3: Systems the Wright Way Facebook group. 

Download today's workbook

Go to the Day 3 Thread in the Systems the Wright Way Facebook group and share your 
thoughts, comments and any questions you may have.

Day Three:
- List
One System you are going to capture.
- Share your
Top 3 Takeaways

Step 4: Day 2 Replay. 

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