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Stop Reinventing the Wheel
4 Day Bootcamp

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Step 1:
Join Our Community

Click here to join the Systems the Wright Way Facebook Group.
This is where you can access the daily recordings and post
your questions in the daily thread which I'll personally answer.  

Step 2: Mark Your Calendar

Before you do anything else, grab a pen
or access your digital calendar and mark the date and time for your time zone.

Each day, at 8 am you'll receive an email with all the day's details. 

Then join me live on Zoom for an Interactive Workshop with Hot Seat feedback. 

Dates and times for live Zoom below:

Monday June 6th
8:00 pm 

5:00 pm

Tuesday June 7th

10:00 am

1:00 am





Step 3: Get in a Systems Mindset 

Download or print your workbook as you'll be using it throughout the bootcamp. Keep it close by as it will form the basis of your BLUEPRINT. 
(The workbook will be sent via email after registration)

Each workshop will run between 30 - 45 minutes MAX.
Turn off all distractions and if you need to hang up a do not disturb sign. 
 "Shhh I am creating a SMARTER business."

I am excited for you to make time for YOU in your business!

Step 4: Connect with others
and have fun!

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